Philip Island Tour And Snow Near Melbourne

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Melbourne is a beautiful city to explore, with some stunning spots in its nearby vicinity. It is a mixed bag of culture, cuisine and history, where there is something for everyone. It was my second visit to this serene city in Victoria, which has also been voted as the ‘most liveable city in the world’ for some consecutive 4 times. What I missed during my first visit was the opportunity to explore the beautiful Victoria, which alongside Melbourne was some stunning gifts of nature to offer. To begin with the quiet town of Ballarat to the Godly Yarra Valley that captures your imagination into a reality, there is the Great Ocean Drive, The Apostles, the magnificent Philip Island Tour, a day at the Snow Near Melbourne at the Lake Mountains, the little town of Marysville, the Healesville Sanctuary, the list just goes on and on. It’s the perfect destination for your family that could last from a week to a month or may be as long as you want it to be. Melbourne you are beautiful.
Vijay Kumar.

Tours In Melbourne and other regions of Victoria

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Victoria – The Place to be’ is what you will read in the registration plates of many vehicles while you are in Melbourne and in the other regions of Victoria. At first, I thought it’s their way of promoting the region, although as days passed by and I got an opportunity to explore more of Victoria, I understood that it wasn’t their way of promoting but their pride when they say ‘Victoria-the place to be’ as it truly is. From snowy mountains to the wild woods, from quick outback to the sunny beaches, you have it all when you are in Victoria. I have spent my maximum time in Melbourne, which can be rightfully called as the ‘cosmopolitan hub of the world’. The city has so much to offer that one cannot necessarily wrap everything in one’s memory in one stay, one needs to come back and take more from it. Being a literature student, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the ‘State Library’ situated at Swanston Street, which is always buzzling with people and many forms of entertainment. At the state library, I was more than delighted to have come across such variety of books on literature that have been preserved extremely well. A few landmark locations that I was lucky to visit were ‘The Great Ocean Road, ‘The Apostles’, ‘Philip Island’, ‘Lake Mountain’ and ‘Healesville Sanctuary’. Also, a Melbourne Trip is incomplete without trying out various eating options from across the globe.
Victor Norman.

Penguins Parade Melbourne

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Travel fulfils the soul. It’s the purest form of rejuvenating our mind and the body. Recently, I was in Melbourne for a week long official tour. While work mostly kept me occupied during the day but I was free in the evenings. Being one of the most vibrant cities of the world, Melbourne has a mix bag of surprises in terms of its culture and heritage, while it has got heaps to offer in terms of entertainment. I was staying at South Bank, which is located at the Melbourne CBD. Having access to a location that lies just at a walking distance from the Crown on one side while the Flinders Street station sits on the other side, it had the perfect blend of both the old world and the new. What I loved about Melbourne is the fact that it is by far one of the most easy going places that I have visited so far. People are extremely friendly and helpful, transportation is very well planned and connected to both within the city and also with the immediate outskirts of the city. It has a range of tourist attractions to offer in terms of distance which is just a few hundred kilometres from Melbourne, the one that I could manage out of the single weekend that I had was a ‘Philip Island Day Tour, which is a must see experience, especially the ‘Penguins Parade Melbourne’ that could be watched for a nominal fee, thanks to a local tour company called ‘Move on Tours’ who are excellent for Melbourne Day Tours. I wish I had more time to see the ‘Great Ocean Road’ But as they say ‘Once is never enough when you are in Melbourne’, so until I am back again, ‘See you Mate’
Simon Sanders.